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Legacy Strategy

Brisbane 2032 - shaping the future

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Creating a lasting legacy

Hosting Brisbane 2032 will create a lasting legacy for our community, our economy and our environment in the lead up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 10 years after. 





ideas collected for the Brisbane 2032 Legacy Strategy

Audacious future thinking 

The Brisbane 2032 Hopes and Dreams survey invited people from across Queensland, Australia and the world to dream big and think about ways that our region can be made even better by 2042 because we are hosting the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The Brisbane 2032 Legacy Forum, held in March 2023, tapped 500 of Australia’s best, brightest and boldest minds to help shape a 10+10+ year Legacy Strategy that will make the most of the unique opportunity hosting the Games brings, acting locally for global impact. 

Elevate 2042 is the result of thousands of voices, from all walks of life, and it represents our shared 20-year vision for a lasting Games legacy. 

A young Aboriginal woman holding laptop covered in artwork they designed and painted
View of tree canopy and sky shot from perspective of forest floor
Child surfer on the shore holding a surfboard and looking out to the water
Two First Nation's people dressed and painted in ceremonial wear including feathers and woven fabric

An elevated state

With contributors from diverse backgrounds and regions, the Brisbane 2032 Legacy Strategy aims to turn our hopes and dreams and bold ideas into reality for the world to see.

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Our guiding light

Vision statement

By 2042, we will live in an inclusive, sustainable and connected society, with more opportunities in life for everyone.  

Mission statement

To make our region better, sooner, together through sport  

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Legacy Foundations

Two farmers in a bush setting.

Respecting, Advancing, Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

View of Brisbane City from Mount Coot-Tha lookout point

Advancing Accessibility and Empowering People With Disability.

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Three horse riders mustering a herd of cattle in dusty bush landscape